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Endoscope Supplies

Multi-band Ligator-20056.com澳门太阳城 -2139a.com


Clearer field & Easier to operate


Used for ligating esophageal varices combined with Endoscope.

Technical and Functional Features

  • Post installation of the bands makes the field clear
  • Precise ligation, obvious release resistance, easy to operate
  • Multi-bands design achieves to treat several points in one operation
  • Medical rubber material with good biocompatibility and physical property
  • Humanized handle design make operation more easy and comfortable
  • Bands release reminds by feeling and sound
  • Color ring for quick identification of the last shot-www.20076.com澳门太阳城
  • Square shape cross section design make ligation stronger and safer-www.77139.com
Excellent filed & aspiration effect
Single & multiple variceal ligation






Model Band No. Trigger Cord  
BL18-7A 7 0.20mm
BL18-9A 9 0.20mm

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